New International Opera Festival BAYREUTH BAROQUE 03.09. – 13.09.2020

© Andreas Harbach

In 2020, the International Opera Festival BAYREUTH BAROQUE will start at the Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth. This unique city will receive another world-class festival. The appointed artistic director for the next three years is countertenor, director and producer Max Emanuel Cencic. He has convinced the city of Bayreuth with the concept of a brand-new baroque festival at the world cultural heritage opera house. The first edition will take place from 3 September till 13 September 2020. The program and details will be announced on 5 February 2020.


Since the historical renovation of the Margravial Opera House, it was a great desire of the city of Bayreuth to initiate a baroque festival. Opened in 1748 and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2012, the opera house has become a reviving venue for rarely played operas from the early music period. The festival BAYREUTH BAROQUE will be held annually at the Margravial Opera House for eleven days in September. Two opera productions are planned each season, as well as concerts with world-class artists.


Benedikt Stegmayer, culture representative of the city of Bayreuth says: “From a cultural-political perspective, the BAYREUTH BAROQUE opera festival is an absolute stroke of luck for Bayreuth. It combines a high-quality substantial program held at a globally unique venue that was built to present this type of art. World-class art in world-class heritage! The festival does not only serve the architectural context, but it also perfectly suits the Bayreuth cultural event calendar. I am looking forward to this additional highlight in our baroque city! “


Bavarian State Minister for Science and Arts, Bernd Sibler adds: “The city of Bayreuth has a high cultural appeal with the UNESCO World Heritage Margravial Opera House. I welcome the birth of the International Opera Festival BAYREUTH BAROQUE under the artistic direction of Max Emanuel Cencic. I wish the new festival good luck and prosperity in its first season! It will certainly be an asset to the cultural life in Bayreuth.“


Artistic director Max Emanuel Cencic says: “As appointed director of BAYREUTH BAROQUE, I am deeply honoured to lead the festival and set the program. I am most grateful for the trust given by the city council and the city of Bayreuth who I would like to thank sincerely. The Margravial Opera House has a unique place in the history of music. We owe Richard Wagner a dept of gratitude for recognizing the value of this opera house and for his commitment preserving the house for future generations. Presenting operas in this historic house, that have never or hardly have been played in the past 300 years, is a dream come true for me. There are no limits to our imagination and with this in mind - I am truly privileged to set new accents with this festival in Bayreuth’s music culture.”


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