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Queen Sonja International Music Competition

The Queen Sonja International Music Competition (in Norwegian: “Dronning Sonja Internasjonale Musikkonkurranse”) is one of the leading singing competitions worldwide. Since 1988 it has been held in Oslo biannually and since 1995 it is open to classical music singers from all around the world. The aim of the competition is on the one side to support the careers of young talents right from the beginning, on the other side the aim is to connect the Norwegian and the international music scene. Among the institutional partners of the competition are Den Norske Opera & Ballett, the Norwegian Academy of Music, the Norwegian Radio, the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Royal House of Norway. Winners of the competition in the past were renowned artists like Lise Davidsen, Elsa Dreisig, Daniel Behle and Mari Eriksmoen.

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