"Tracing a wide path to success"

This is the conclusion of the 68th Musikfest ION, drawn up and published by the Nürnberger Zeitung on July 15. This year for the first time, the Musikfest ION took place under the artistic direction of Moritz Puschke and enthralled a total of almost 15,000 people from Nuremberg, Germany and a host of international guests. Together with an enormous number of musicians, they all enjoyed a two-week long music festival. Of course, the focus was on organ music and great sacred works, however new, unconventional formats, world premieres and two concerts featuring young musical talent also stood in the spotlight: While "SingBach" involved more than 250 primary school children from Nuremberg who engaged themselves intensively with Bach's music for a week, the renowned Windsbach Knabenchor together with the percussionist Simone Rubino presented a sacred-spiritual program. There was an opportunity to sing along at several events, such as Nuremberg's largest 'Night Choir' at the end of the IONacht during the Grand Opening on June 28.


The continued developments within the ION Music Festival were as well received by the press as they were among the Nuremberg audience. The Nürnberger Zeitung reported as early as July 3: "The concert 'Glorious Revolution 1688/1689' in the Historischer Rathaussaal on Monday proved that, with Moritz Puschke, the ION Music Festival has gained a visionary new Artistic Director with ambitious conceptual aspirations. The Bayerische Staatszeitung praised Moritz Puschke: "Evidently so far he has done everything right with his first ION: packed churches and halls. Not only are 'intellect' and 'traces' contained in the theme, but also 'feeling music'. [...] After six days, it is difficult to believe one's eyes, and ears, just how skillfully Puschke engages the people of Nuremberg".


Photos © Hans von Draminski

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