New album by Franco Fagioli

“Veni, Vidi, Vinci” is the title of Franco Fagioli's new solo album, which will be released by Deutsche Grammophon in May 2020. Here, the Argentinean countertenor revives the late baroque masterpieces by Leonardo Vinci. Following two previous albums dedicated to Rossini and Handel, he now sings a virtuoso program of arias by the great pioneer of Neapolitan opera, Leonardo Vinci.


The selection of arias illustrates the artistic abilities of a composer whose music fascinated 18th-century audiences and whose virtuosity and expressiveness still manage to evoke deep emotions to this day. The album includes seven world premiere recordings, which were unearthed specifically for this release. The recording also features the ensemble Il Pomo d'Oro with its concertmaster Zefira Valova. The renowned Argentinean countertenor already made a stir with two complete recordings of Vinci, namely Artarserse (2012, Virgin / Erato) and Catone in Utica (2015).


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