Artists and journalists in need

In recent weeks, the Corona pandemic has radically overturned the entire state of public life, and artists, those engaged in the cultural community, and also cultural journalists worldwide have fallen into an existential crisis as a result of the cancellation of all events for which they are not responsible. Freelance musicians and ensembles in particular, but also freelancers in cultural journalism are severely affected. The ban on events will be in effect until at least mid-April, after which the situation is still completely unpredictable. Many artists have reported their massive losses in income on social media. While many governments are proclaiming quick and unbureaucratic aid measures, it will remain to be seen long after the crisis whether this will be able to help everyone.


But solidarity is particularly strong in times of crisis: Here you can find an overview of the German federal government's emergency aid options. Associations such as the Deutsche Orchester Verband and the Magazin Oper! are appealing for donations for artists. The Deutsche Musikrat (German Music Council) is calling for an unconditional basic income of 1000 euros for six months. The media and many organisations, ensembles and private individuals have joined the #ichwillkeingeldzurück (I don't want my money back) initiative, which appeals for ticket costs to cancelled events not to be reclaimed from financially vulnerable cultural institutions and event organisers, thereby serving as a donatation to artists in need. For amounts under 200 EUR, proof of payment is sufficient as a donation receipt, for higher amounts the organisations issue donation receipts.


Most importantly, the cultural community is not giving up, but is spreading music across the full gamut of streaming possibilities, lending hope and comfort to all those cooped up at home during these difficult times. This is why we are appealing as well: Please help to support those in the cultural community!


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