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Ensemble Variances

Thierry Pécou founded Ensemble Variances in search of new ways to draw the listeners into the concert. By enfolding the audience musically and sometimes even theatrically, each Ensemble Variances concert becomes a story of its own, binding the sequence of works together.

These stories, inspired by Amerindian, Afro-American and Indian cultures, being told by this close-knitted group of musicians, give the performances a sense of ritual enactment.

Thierry Pécou was born France, but his origins are in Martinique, an island located in the Lesser Antilles. Although it is part of France, its history of slavery and colonisation resulted in a very multicultural society (Amerindians, Europeans, Africans, Indians, Chinese, Lebanese). Pécou is first and foremost a contemporary composer in the sense that he uses his musical language to give a humanist perspective on today's issues, such as colonization, ecology, medicine and animal ethics. Not because he writes in a certain style or because he is part of a certain aesthetic current.


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